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The heat plant is owned by Hakeurakointi Palojärvi Oy. The heat plant is located in Kortesjärvi, Kauhava. The site heats the Leppälinna and Harjukoti residential homes for the elderly, as well as 40 apartments in row houses, which are located in the same grounds.

The average heat consumption of customers is approximately 1000 MwH a year, the production of which takes approximately 100 cubic metres of sod peat, 1200-1500 cubic metres of forest chips and a small amount of wood briquettes. 



Säätötuli Oy


The heat plant is owned by Säätötuli Oy. The heat plant is on an industrial park in the city Kauhajoki.

The site heats Säätötuli Oy’s factory which is approximately 2300 m2 / 20000 m3. 

The customer’s average heat consumption is approximately 680 Mwh a year, the production of which requires approximately 800 cubic metres of forest chips. 

The highly automated heat plant mostly operates unmanned. The heat plant can be controlled by computer or mobile phone. 



Veljekset Ala-Talkkari Oy


Heat plant owned by Veljekset Ala-Talkkari Oy. The heat plant is in Hellanmaa industrial park in Lapua. Heat entrepreneur Mikko Palomäki, from Lapua, is responsible for plant maintenance and delivery of fuel to the plant. 

Agriculture is the entrepreneur’s primary business sector, with wood chip production and delivery to customers, as well as the sale of heat as secondary business sectors.



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